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Coliseum Soccer Club

The Coliseum Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization. All of our coaches and administrative staff are volunteers. This is why we are able to offer one of the lowest prices in the area.  Our Club mission is to provide every child in our community an opportunity o learn and play the "Beautiful Game" of soccer, teaching them the fundamentals of the game and allowing them to experience all that comes with being a member of a team. 


Over the last 42 years, our club has grown quickly and we are presently the largest club in the Mohawk Valley, with over 280 players who compete at all levels of play from recreational to professional.


Player Info: All new players will be placed in Coliseum/Accelerate Soccer Academy for an evaluation before being placed on a Coliseum Team. Coliseum Director of Coaching will talk with all families about Coliseum Soccer Club.



The cost covers the Fall, Winter, and Spring Season play, two local tournaments per year, and one team practice per week.

Please ask your coach on how to order a new uniform.


Little Kickers will get a jersey through the Little Kickers program through Accelerate Sports.

The family discount rate is outlined below: 

First Child: $650 per year

Second Child: $550 per year

Third Child: $400 per year


Additional Training Options


Coliseum has partnered up with Accelerate Sports to give players opportunities to get more touches on the soccer ball outside of there Coliseum team training. In a safe and challenging environment. Registration links below.

Option 1: Tuesday Night Accelerate Group Training (1 hour sessions) 
● Accelerate Group training will focus on the individual player compared to
team training. Players with be broken up by age groups. Hour 1
(6pm-7pm) K-8th Grade & Hour 2 (7pm-8pm) 9th-12th Grade. Players will
rotate in their groups getting technical and small sided game training.
These sessions will be player centered, allowing the players to learn
through their mistakes while be guided by the coaching staff. Players with
get hundreds of touches throughout each session playing 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 &
4v4. Encouraging players to make decisions, be creative & having fun.


Option 2: Accelerate Soccer Academy-Training Only (1 hour sessions) 
● Accelerate Soccer Academy will be broken up into three groups
1. K-4th Grade (Friday) 5pm-6pm 
2. 5th-8th Grade (Friday) 5pm-6pm
3. 9th-12th Grade (Friday) 6pm-7pm
● Accelerate Soccer Academy is designed to improve skills leading to
increased confidence, comfort and intelligence with the soccer ball. We
want to promote better field awareness helping players make quicker and
smarter decisions in a game setting. Throughout the training sessions
players will work on a variety of different soccer skills and fundamentals
within a fun and challenging learning environment.


Option 3: Saturday Morning Games
● The game option will allow players to be in a stress free environment. The
best way to players to learn is to be in game like settings. Each Saturday
players will arrive Accelerate Sports and play. All teams will be coed.
Games will 4v4 (u6-u8) 7v7 (u9-u10) 9v9 (u11-12) 9v9 (u13-u17).
● Accelerate will provide coaches for the teams. These environments will be
player centered. Coaches will make subs and provide guidance. This
allows players to make decisions on the field with no real consequences,
except for how it relates to their next decision on the field. Players will
learn through playing.

Register below:


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