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Player Development

Coliseum Player Development Framework*
  U3-U7 - 4v4
  U8-U10 - 7v7
  U11-12 - 9v9
  U13-U18 - 11v11

Coliseum Club Principles**

1. Help players develop passion and love for the game of soccer.
2. Help players develop leadership skills which will help them take
responsibility for their own development and performance.
3. Help players become problem solvers on and off the field by taking
initiative and being proactive.
4. Coliseum coaches will develop technical, tactical players through
game-like training.

Coliseum Player Development Phases*

Phase 1 - Learning to Play (for U3-U8)
The ball is playing with me, I am playing with the ball. - Learning the

• Players are learning the foundations of becoming a
soccer player.
• This happens when players are enjoying the moments of
the game through fun game like situations.
• We will focus on their technique while passing, trapping,
dribbling and shooting.
• Players will learn the basic laws of the game and having
fun playing 4v4 (w/o GK)


Phase 2 - Learning to Play (age U9-U10)
Playing with my friends through game-like situations. - Sharing the soccer ball

• Players will start to understand the Fundamentals and
playing with my friends.
• Players are placed on teams.
• The focus is on sharing the soccer ball and working
together to Attack and Defend as a team.
• Outdoors and indoors teams will play 7v7 (w/ all players
playing all position including GK)

Phase 3 - Learning to Compete (age U11-U12)
Playing my role and position for the team -Learning through wins and loses.

• Players master and understand the Coliseum way of
training and competing.
• Players will have excitement that comes from the effort
they put into to getting it right in training and taking that
effort into games.
• This commitment pushes players to strive and deliver on
the clubs expectations.
• Learning does not only come when players win they can
also learn through losing.
• Team and player goals help in the players development
no matter the outcome on the field.
• Indoors teams might have to play 7v7 but with the long
term focus of preparing players to play 9v9.
• Outdoors teams will play 9v9.

Phase 4 - Competing to Win (age U13 - U18)
Being the best player that I can be for my role and position in the team -
Competitive teams, College Development.

• Competing to win is not only an outcome it is a mentality
that every player has.
• Players have given so much of their time and energy to
become the best players they can be at Coliseum.
• They are passionate, hard working, make no excuses and
when developed they can be players that want to win and
are willing to leave it all on the field.
• Indoors teams might have to play 7v7 but with the
long term focus of preparing players to play 11v11.
• Outdoors teams will play 11v11.

* Based on USSF Grassroots Curriculum.
** As a club we are committed to show purpose to what and why
throughout our player development initiative


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