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Nate Gould


Also known as Nate he played for Coliseum in his youth, and is a graduate of Whitesboro High School.  He went on to play for Rochester Institute of Technology, and graduated in 1999.  After that decided against playing another year of soccer for RIT, and went to medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse.  From there he trained in York, PA, and then Boston Medical Center becoming a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician.  He later subspecialized in Pain Medicine, and has now been practicing at Slocum Dickson Medical Group since 2007. 


Nate continued to play lots of soccer to keep himself sane, and because he loved the game.  He played on many indoor, and outdoor teams over the years.  He played on coed and mens league teams.  With his daughter showing a lot of interest in the sport he loved he decided to start coaching and has been doing so with Coliseum since 2018.

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